Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Israel

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Israel

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See also. Arab-Israeli Conflict, Petroleum Affairs, Regional Affairs, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon


Oct. 24: The Knesset rejected by a vote of 56-51 three no-confidence motions on unspecified protests, two of which were submitted by the Likud and Moledet parties, and the third jointly submitted by the Tzomet party and National Religious Party (NRP). [10/25 FBIS]

Oct. 30: Israel announced new currency liberalization policies, including an increase in cash from $3,000 to $7,000 that Israelis would be allowed to take abroad and an unrestricted use of credit cards abroad. [10/31 FBIS]

Nov. 2: Alice Miller brought a suit against the Israeli Army to the Israeli Supreme Court. demanding that she be allowed to apply for the combat pilot program that excluded women. [11/3 NYT]

Nov. 14: The Knesset rejected a no-confidence motion on poverty by the Likud party and a no-confidence motion on Israeli-Syrian negotiations submitted by the Tzomet party and NRP. [11/15 FBIS, 11/16 FBIS]

Nov. 21: The Industry and Trade Ministry announced they would allow the import of non-kosher meat products into Israel as of 1 January 1995 for the first time in Israel's history. [11/22 WSJ]

Nov. 23: The Knesset rejected a bill submitted by Tzahi Hanegbi of the Likud that called for Israel's halt to negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) pending the cancellation of the Palestinian Covenant. [11/25 FBIS]

Nov. 24: The Knesset approved a 20 percent capital-gains tax to go into effect in January 1995. …

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