Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Pakistan

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Oct. 18: Twenty-three people were killed in clashes in Karachi between the Shi'a organization Tehrik Jafria Pakistan (TJP) and the Sunni organization Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP). Violence was also reported between members of the Mohajin Qaumi Movement (MQM), representing the Urdu-speaking community, and a splinter group called MQM-Haqiqi. Three alleged MQM members were found murdered in Karachi. [10/19 FBIS]

Nov. 3: In Mingora, Northwest Frontier Province Assembly deputy and Pakistan's People's Party member Mr. Badiuzzaman was shot to death, allegedly by members of the Tanzim Nifaz Shari'at-i-Mohammadi (TNSM), a party for he enforcement of sharia Islamic law. [11/4 FT]

One TNSM member was killed and six people wounded by gunfire in Mingora. [11/4 F

Nov. 5: Twenty-five people were killed and several wounded in clashes between alleged TNSM members and local commanders from Takhta Pul, in the North West Frontier Province. [11/6 WP, 11/7 FBIS]

Nov. 6: TNSM leader Sufi Mohammed agreed to end the violence in the Malakand district. [11/7 WP]

Nov. 8: TNSM members released 50 government officials taken hostage in the North West Frontier Province. Provincial chief minister Aftab Ahmad Sherpao reportedly had ordered the enforcement of Islamic laws as of 3 November in accordance with TNSM demands. [11/9 FT]

Nov. 13: Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto ordered the arrest of Mohammed Sharif. the father of Nawaz Sharif, the opposition Muslim League party leader and former prime minister, on charges of tax evasion. [11/14 FT]

Nov. 14: Opposition members of parliament disrupted a speech by Resident Faruq Leghari to protest the arrest of Mohammed Sharif. [11/15 FT]

Nov. 25: Gunmen opened fire on a bus near Jhelum in Punjab Province, killing seven Shi'is and wounding fourteen. [11/27 WP]

Nov. 26: A grenade was thrown into a Sunni mosque in Lahore, killing two people and wounding twenty. …

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