Centre for Eastern Studies at the University of Warsaw

Article excerpt

The Centre for Eastern Studies at the University of Warsaw (Centrum Badan Wschodnich Uniwesytetu Warszawskiego) was founded in 1989 as an independent academic unit under the direct governance of the University's President. The Centre brings together scholars and non-academic experts who are interested in interdisciplinary problems relevant to countries of Eastern Europe-Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic republics; in practice, however, both presentations and publications realized by the Centre transcend this range of topics and comprise issues related to the former Soviet Union and its satellite states. The lecture series and publications of the Centre include such areas of research as political sciences, sociology, economy, history, geography, literature and linguistics. However, prime attention is given to the question of the transformation and transitional period and its political, economic, social, cultural, national and ethnic directions of development. Furthermore, the Centre advocates a complex strategy of investigation which consists of both the day-today challenges and far-reaching interests of Poland in its relations with its neighbors to the East.

Discussion meetings and lectures are held on a monthly basis and invited speakers often represent both the new and "old" political establishment. Ambassadors, ministers of the neighboring countries, and former political figures (including e.g., a former prime minister of USSR) are frequently guests of the Centre. Research studies carried out by the members of the Centre are concentrated mainly on interdisciplinary questions of political sciences and economy. …


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