The Culture of American College Radio

Article excerpt

The Culture of American College Radio. Samuel J. Sauls. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press, 2000. 228 pp. $34.95 pbk.

Radio stations located on college and university campuses provide training laboratories for future radio broadcasters. The well-organized and well-researched book The Culture of American College Radio by Samuel J. Sauls examines these laboratories by focusing on the major broadcast components of programming, music selection, and listener identification.

The Culture of American College Radio, which is based on the author's doctoral dissertation, also examines the factors that influence funding of college radio. College and university administrators seeking answers to the problems of managing and finding funds for college radio stations will find this section informative. The relationship of the community to the college radio station is also addressed.

Since the typical college broadcast signal radius is much greater than the boundaries of the campus, the author describes the differences in the campus and local community listenership. This discussion addresses the concerns, directions, and approaches that college radio stations must take to properly serve the diverse makeup of these two communities.

The chapter, "The Future of College Radio and Predictions," examines issues related to college radios' noncommercial vs. …


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