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Essential Communication Skills

Academic journal article Manager

Essential Communication Skills

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Ray Moorcroft MinstAM, Editor, reviews


by Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor expounds the theory of dear, concise and simple communications, (her article Communications sans Frontieres is published on pages 26/27 of this issue.) and she certainly practices what she preaches in her new book

In the Introduction, she makes the point that for everyone, whether they be a student, a manager or an entrepreneur, developing your business communication skills is essential in order to develop your business. Furthermore, in an age of electronic communications, business has developed a much more informal, relaxed and direct style of expression.

Section I explains the concept of communication and communicating - whether orally, by simply listening, through body language, or on the telephone. Although there is great emphasis and excellent guidance on all kinds of written communication, Shirley Taylor also recognizes that contact is increasingly being made by fax, by electronic mail, or via the Internet (even the Intranet), and she includes a short introductory section on the basic formats of the new media and how these affect writing styles

In the final Section ofthe book, the author deals with creative and persuasive writing - covering circulars, sales letters, promotional and publicity materials - even form and questionnaire design. …

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