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JROTC Spells the Future

The article "JROTC, Recent Trends and Developments" by Colonels John W Corbett and Arthur T Coumbe in the January-February 2001 issue of Military Review is right on target. As a retired Army officer in Southern California, I have been involved with JROTC programs through various professional military organizations.

Corbett and Coumbe are correct that JROTC is booming in many high schools. All four services have programs in Southern California. Many school districts desire the program because it teaches students discipline, responsibility, citizenship and respect for authority. I have seen the program flourish in low-income neighborhoods and in high schools composed of upper middle class students. General Colin Powell should be commended for re-energizing the program.

Although not a direct recruiting program, JROTC does orient young people to investigate the military. Graduates of JROTC are prime recruiting targets. The Army has a great opportunity to support this and the senior program. …


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