Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Algeria

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Algeria

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Oct. 17: Radio France Internationale reported that a bomb attack 300 miles east of Algiers had killed two soldiers and injured ten others. [10/18 FBIS]

Oct. 27: Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that in Medea, 54 miles south of Algiers, "armed Islamists" had attacked houses in the Bati district, killing five people. [10/30 FBIS]

Oct. 30: In a statement published in the Londonbased daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Executive Committee Abroad member of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), Djaafar Houari, who had initially supported the "civil concord" law of President `Abd al-`Aziz Bouteflika, had withdrawn his support, claiming that the policy was "merely a desperate attempt by the regime to consolidate its former policies of eradication." [11/1 FBIS]

Nov. 2: The daily Le Matin reported that on 31 October in Bourdebala, near Lakdharia, 66 miles west of Algiers, armed gunmen had killed two. [11/3 FBIS]

Nov. 10: The Financial Times reported that the London-based organization Amnesty International had urged President Bouteflika to rescind the "civil concord" law, and called for the government's "accountability for past and current human rights abuses." [11/10 FT]

Nov. 11: AFP reported that in Algiers, a new French-language daily, L'Expression, describing itself as "incorruptible," was launched. [11/13 FBIS]

Nov. 17: The Financial Times reported that the government had ruled against the legalization of the Wafa Party, claiming that 17 of the party's founding members had been active in the FIS. [11/17 FT, 11/24 MEED]

Nov. 21: AFP reported that on 20 November, in Haouch Saboun, 30 miles west of Algiers, "armed Islamists" had killed ten people. …

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