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Someone Should Have Known

Academic journal article TCA Journal

Someone Should Have Known

Article excerpt

Someone should have known! Disappearing

childhood flying away in the afternoon and

early evenings. The signs were all there:

the long dresses, the matted hair, weight gain,

isolation, sadness. The silent cries unheard.

The battered spirit, black eyes, bruised cheeks,

chipped teeth and broken limbs. The big black

coat worn in spring. Withdrawal from life and friends.

Anger. Lashing out at everything and nothing.

Self-confidence lost. Someone should have known.

Someone should have sensed the great fear

stalking behind her in the hall. The lack of

trying and low self-esteem. The bowed head,

massive guilt, depression. Words received as

harsh as wounds and bruises. Someone should

have known.

The devil came each day at 4:15 sharp,

lurking, lurching, possessing, making

a plaything the jewels of youth. How tragic

watchful eyes turned away, loving hands vanished

to pay rent and put food on the table. Model

citizens coming to call sat the right time, taking

adult privileges. Confusion, such great confusion.

Someone should have known. The baker,

the butcher, the teacher, the counselor. The coach, the

preacher, the Sunday school teacher, the people next door. …

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