Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Saudi Arabia

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Saudi Arabia

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April 18: Saudi forces arrested eight people suspected of involvement in shootouts and other terror related incidents. [WP, 4/19]

April 21: At least four people were killed, including an 11 year-old girl, and more than 140 wounded when two car bombs exploded outside a building that housed staff working for the Ministry of the Interior. [FT, 4/22]

April 23: In an effort to thwart possible terrorist attacks, Saudi forces carried out raids in the port city of Jiddah, killing as many as five militants. [WP, 4/24]

May 1: Militants burst into an ABB Lummus engineering office in the industrial city of Yanbu, killing five foreign engineers and wounding three others. One other worker was dragged through the streets. One Saudi security official and three of the gunmen were killed. [NYT, 5/2]

May 19: In a series of three attacks at an oil industry office and residential compounds in Khobar, gunmen killed 13 people and took about 50 hostage. [CNN, 5/31]

May 30: Forty-one people were freed when Saudi security forces raided the residential compound where gunmen were holding them hostage. Nine were killed during the night trying to escape. The gunmen's leader, reportedly an al-Qa'ida member, was wounded and captured but three hostagetakers escaped. The 22 people killed during the crisis were from 10 different countries. [BBC, 5/31]

The Jerusalem Brigade, a group Saudi officials believed to be connected to alQa'ida, posted a claim of responsibility for the attacks on its website. [CNN, 5/31]

June 1: Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar bin Sultan published an article in the Saudi state-sponsored newspaper, AlWatan, calling for a jihad against terrorists. In the article, he claimed that those who have been waging a violent campaign against Westerners in Saudi Arabia "deviate from the religion" of Islam. [WP, 6/6]

June 6: An Irish cameraman filming for the BBC was killed and his British colleague wounded when the two were fired on by gunmen in Riyadh. [WP, 6/7]

June 12: Militants shot dead one American civilian contractor and claimed to have kidnapped another. Al-Qa'ida claimed responsibility for the attack on a website. [WP, 6/13]

June 13: The US State Department issued another warning to Americans in Saudi Arabia that advised caution and stated that recent attacks showed increasing levels of sophistication. …

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