Academic journal article Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences

Soul Walking

Academic journal article Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences

Soul Walking

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Soul evades definition. It is the indefinable essence of spirit and being. It can not be touched and yet the absence of soul causes distress. James Hillman, in A Blue Fire, states that soul is best defined by its context... words long associated with the soul are mind, spirit, heart, life, humanness, intentionality, essence, purpose, virtue, and wisdom.

Soul searching is about relationship. Relationship with self, others, a higher consciousness, the environment, our work, with a soul mate. . .. we as a society are in search of meaning in our relationships. Stand in a bookstore and read the titles at the check out counter. Chicken Soup for the Soul. The Soul Code. Books about the soul and our knowing more about nurturing relationships are best sellers.

Thomas Moore states in his recent book:

The great malady of the twentieth century, implicated in all our troubles and affecting us individually and socially, is "loss of soul". When the soul is neglected, it doesn't just go away; it appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, violence and loss of meaning... soulfulness, is tied to life in all its particulars - good food, satisfying conversation, genuine friends, and experiences that stay in the memory and touch the heart.

Soul searching is a compelling desire for genuineness, deep satisfaction, and meaning.

Does the profession have a soul? Some of the individuals invited to write to this question in this issue state "no". …

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