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Chronology: Sudan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan

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Jan. 24: Fighting between government forces and elements of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) caused relief agencies to evacuate Nimule in southern Sudan. [1/26 FBIS]

Feb. 2: Government forces reportedly broke a siege of the city of Kapoeta, in southern Sudan, imposed by the SPLA, allowing supplies to be flown in. [2/3 FBIS]

Feb. 3: A General Elections Commission official announced that general elections would take place on an unspecified date after Ramadan. [2/7 FBIS]

Feb. 8: One hundred fifty-three enlisted men and three officers were reportedly arrested after they mutinied over overdue wages. [2/14 FBIS]

Feb. 9: The president of the Republic, Lieutenant General 'Umar al-Bashir, appointed a new cabinet:

'Ali 'Uthman Muhammad Taha, Foreign Affairs

Muhammad 'Uthman al-Khalifa, Social Planning

'Uthman 'Abd-al-Qadir 'Abd-al-Latif, Roads and Communications

Ibrahim Ahmad 'Umar, Higher Education and Scientific Research

Kabashor Kuku, Education

Taj-al-Sirr Mustafa 'Abd-al-Salam, Trade

Muhammad Tahir, Tourism and the Environment

Al-Fatih Muhammad 'Ali, Transport

Badr-al-Din Muhammad Ahmad Sulayman, Industry

Ghazi Salah-al-Din 'Atabani, Foreign Affairs

'Abd-al-Qadir Ahmad, Agriculture

Musa Muhammad Musa, Industry

'Abd-al-Rahman Nur-al-Din Mustafa, Offices of the Federal Administration

Mahdi Ibrahim Muhammad, Office of the President

Ihsan 'Abdallah al-Ghabshawi, Internal Affairs and Refugees [2/10 FBIS]

Feb. …

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