Academic journal article Hecate

Of Ladies Dead

Academic journal article Hecate

Of Ladies Dead

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Of Ladies Dead

We were talking about history,

of ladies dead.

Three workplace colleagues, a man and two women.

He knew the score and laid down the law.

The secrets of past queens, spies and lustful bishops

were as familiar as gossip at the end of his telephone.

"It was another case of Nigel Nicholson and Vita Sackville West" he said

"He absolutely adored her and

she simply did what she liked

with whom she liked.

It was the perfect cover."

"But" I replied "she wasn't at all like Vita Sackville West"

who was meant to be Orlando.

And I had seen the film

and therefore I was sure that I knew Vita.

"May was terribly ugly, had no style."

She wore hats like my Nan once did.

And for that dead Nana who once "fluttered on the gee-gees,"

in her own terms of self definition,

a mistress of the man's world of turf and bar,

queer or stylish would never come to mind.

Rather she flared up like kero on the barbie at the very sight of anything in trousers with a dick. …

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