Academic journal article Hecate


Academic journal article Hecate


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For Molly Craig, who died January 16, 2004, aged 87. In 1931 she escaped with her younger sister and cousin from a mission station where they had been taken after forcible removal from their families, and trekked through 1,600 kilometres of semi-desert, following the route of the rabbit-proof fence, to rejoin their community.

When last she ran to your embrace

her feet could fit into your hands;

they nestled warmly in your palms,

two little quails that smelt of grasses,

pair of bare, pink heels that darted

shyly on your dreaming-trails,

quickening your heart alone in darkness.

Holding your daughter's small, warm heels

like talismans against your fears,

you murmured in her drowsy ear

the stories of that epic trek - you, her mother,

child again, leading the two younger ones,

fleeing from the snares the white men set,

from drawn-out, living death,

beside the fence the strangers built to keep

the rabbit hordes in check. People who need

fences will imprison anything, you guessed.

Your feet remember every step - your feet,

those uncomplaining friends, who bore the thorns,

the bruising stones, the distances, as best they could. …

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