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90 Years of Progress and Achievement

Academic journal article Manager

90 Years of Progress and Achievement

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I HAVE been asked for my views on our 90th anniversary. As a " Vice President and Fellow and having been an active member for almost 50 years my mind is full of memories.

Mine are probably more extensive than many of you since I researched and wrote our history for the 75th anniversary special issue of the Journal in November 1991.

I also up-dated it for the 80th.

The 90 years have seen considerable impact of change on management style and it is important that these changes are not lost. The aspect that has had the greatest effect on our success is undoubtedly the quality of the practitioners who have given so much over these 90 years.

Clearly for the first 40 years my knowledge depended on my research.

Then as I got more closely involved I remember so many dedicated individuals. It would be invidious to single out some of the many covered in the history. Many of our older members will have their own memories of those who developed and fostered the institute over 90 years.

Its path has had its ups and downs and it survived, not only changes in fortune but more important changes in management style, sponsorship and company support. The efforts that kept us afloat at times were crucial and our success is proof of this.

This anniversary is important since many who have my memories may not reach the 100th.

This means that we must not dismiss the need to ensure our past is recognised widely at this time.

How can I encapsulate this? Only by briefly touching upon the many positive things that have happened.

Our council has always been aware of the tidal flow of our fortunes and has adjusted its management to suit. Those with long memories will recollect that occasionally we nearlyfolded but supreme effort and good management has always pulled us through. …

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