Corruption and Anti-Corruption

Article excerpt


Edited by Peter Larmour and Nick Wolanin

Canberra: Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management, Australian National University, 2001, xxiii, 262pp, US$30.00, ISBN 0-7315-3660-6

This book was written by academics at the Australian National University and public servants at the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption. It draws on material used in a pioneering course on corruption that has been taught since 1998. Its creation was stimulated by Transparency International, acting on behalf of Indonesian non-governmental organizations looking for anti-corruption training before the fall of Suharto. As a review of approaches to combating corruption, the Introduction by the co-editors justifies the book's purchase, in the opinion of this reviewer. Much of the material in the book is based on research conducted by the New South Wales anti-corruption commission. Analysis and findings are grounded on empirical research by and for that commission and are both insightful and of practical valuable.

One of the main themes of the book is the central role of ethics in addressing corruption issues. This finding is the foundation of a critique of approaches and theories that address corruption in primarily economic terms. …


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