Academic journal article Journal of Canadian Studies

New Books

Academic journal article Journal of Canadian Studies

New Books

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Baranek, Patricia, Raisa B. Deber and A. Paul Williams. Almost Home: Reforming Home and Community Care in Ontario. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 340 pp. $65.00 cloth, $29.95 paper.

Baxter, Judith, ed. Clifton Royal: The Wetmores and Village Life in Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick. Gatineau, QC: The Canadian Museum of Civilization. 414 pp.

Bennett, Margaret. Oatmeal and the Catechism: Scottish Gaelic Settlers in Quebec. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press. 326 pp. $65.00 cloth, $32.95 paper.

Carstairs, Sharon and Tim Higgins. Dancing Backwards: A Social History of Canadian Women in Politics. Winnipeg: Heartland Associates Inc. 351 pp. $26.95 paper.

Castonguay, Stéphane. Protection des Cultures, Construction de la Nature: Agriculture, foresterie et entomologie au Canada 1884-1959. Sillery, QC: Septentrion. 370 pp.

Cotter, Charis. Toronto Between the Wars: Life in the City 1919-1939. Richmond Hill, ON: Firefly Books. 224 pp. $29.95 paper.

Elliot, Bruce S. Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, second Edition. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press. 424 pp. $32.95 paper.

Esau, Alvin J. The Courts and the Colonies: The Litigation of Hutterite Church Disputes. Vancouver: UBC Press. 400 pp. $85.00 cloth, $29.95 paper.

Geller, Peter. Northern Exposures: Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920-45. Vancouver: UBC Press. 280 pages. $85.00 cloth, $29.95 paper.

Gerlach, Neil. The Genetic Imaginary: DNA in the Canadian Criminal Justice System. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 255 pp. $65.00 cloth, $29.95 paper.

Granatstein, J.L. and Norman Hillmer, eds. Battle Lines: Eyewitness Accounts from Canada's Military History. Toronto: Thomas Alien Publishers. 490 pp. $39.95 paper.

Guiguet, Kristina Marie. The Ideal World of Mrs. Widder's Soirée Musicale: Social Identity and Musical Life in Nineteenth-Century Ontario. Gatineau, QC: Canadian Museum of Civilization. 154 pp. $35.95 paper.

Hodson, Heather, ed. Saskachewan Writers: Lives Past and Present. Regina: University of Regina Press. 247 pp. $19.95 paper.

Létourneau, Jocelyn. A History for the Future: Rewriting Memory and Identity in Quebec. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press. 196 pp. $75.00 cloth, $24.95 paper.

Lipset, Seymour Martin and Noah M. Meltz. The Paradox of American Unionism: Why Americans Like Unions More Than Canadians Do But Join Much Less. Icatha, NY: Cornell University Press. 226 pp. $32.50 cloth.

Little, J.I. Borderland Religion: The Emergence of an English-Canadian Identity 1792-1852. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 386 pp. $75.00 cloth, $32.95 paper.

MacFie, John. Up the Great North Road: The Story of an Ontario Colonization Road. Erin, ON: Boston Mills Press. 160 pp. $24.95 paper.

McMillan, Alan D. and Eldon Yellowhorn. First Peoples in Canada. Vancouver and Toronto: Douglas & Mclntyre. …

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