Academic journal article Chicago Review

Pastorelle 14

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Pastorelle 14

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Ramps Bridge named

after Jacob or named after ford on the creek or

small river also named after Jacob

no longer here when the bridge was built


migrant in the great migration Indiana Kansas Missouri finally Oregon

proof you can leave your mark

if you leave

and if you're remembered.


Saved from quaintness from the antique the "collectible"

by use still in use the plank runners worn smooth

by traffic


Use - noise

cars burning rubber squeals and shouting of passengers horns honking

how to know a covered bridge is still in use = noise.


Reasons for covering bridges

to keep water out of the joints to keep the roadway dry

strengthen the structure

to make the bridge look like a barn to horses

not to frighten the horses to keep

snow off

to provide darkness

for those seeking light the light shining best after darkness after

a not overly long rite/ritual of initiation in darkness.


The structure = the truss principle

which = all parts

of the bridge connected by a series of triangles

one post leaning against

another series of one against another each connected at the top and

the bottom by beams the beams are called chords

the structure = the truss principle + arch

the arch in sections

pinned/bolted to the posts upright posts of the triangles

and this is marvellous


the wooden arch connected to the wooden triangles

and this is marvellous this is the mystery that really matters

the structure is

what matters the flower the music of it. …

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