Academic journal article Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

An Editorial Comment

Academic journal article Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

An Editorial Comment

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While the first six articles in this issue clearly fall under the rubric of "Research on Advertising," they just as clearly illustrate the breadth and depth of inquiry being carried out in the field. Experimental tests of advertising effects, field surveys of the uses and usefulness of advertising information, and analyses of advertising and media content are among the methods employed. Equally intriguing is the range of topics in advertising and mass communication inquiry: the effect of online advertising on evaluation of online news; the role of brand familiarity in perception of advertising that aligns a brand with a social cause; uses and gratifications of advertising in free community newspapers; directto-consumer advertising for prescription drugs; advertising promotion within news programs; and sexual imagery in magazine advertising.

Producing Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly is a collective endeavor, dependent on a superb production manager, book review editors, editorial assistants, associate editors, and manuscript reviewers. We have been striving to increase the thoroughness and number of reviews solicited for submitted manuscripts, and to ensure that contributors' work is evaluated by knowledgeable and expert reviewers. To achieve those goals, we rely on the five dozen members of the Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Editorial Advisory Board identified on the inside front page of each issue and on the service of other reviewers from throughout the world. Not counting the editor and the four outstanding associate editors, 172 nationally and internationally known scholars participated in the manuscript reviewing process for Quarterly in 2004. The listing that follows is offered to identify our colleagues who have provided reviews during the past year and to afford us a chance to express our gratitude. Thank you for your service.

Roya Akhavan-Majid

Erica Austin

Stephen Banning

Jon Bekken

Lance Bennett

Lori Bergen

Diane L. Borden

Renee Botta

Dorothy Bowles

Bonnie Sue Brennen

Erik Bucy

Catherine Cassara

Kara Chan

Fiona Chew

James Compton

David Copeland

John Coward

Stephanie Craft

Bryan Denham

Hazel Dicken-Garcia

Daniela Dimitrova

Joseph Dominick

Patricia Dooley

Jill Edy

John Eighmey

Erika Engstrom

Rhonda Gibson

Ted Classer

Guy Golan

William Gonzenbach

Robyn Goodman

Karla Gower

Maria Elizabeth Grabe

August Grant

Peter Gross

Shelton Gunaratne

Louisa Ha

Xiaoming Hao

Kazumi Hasegawa

James Hertog

Douglas Blanks Hindman

Sallie Hughes

William Huntzicker

Matt Jackson

Leo Jeffres

Eric Kramer

Peggy Kreshel

Jae-won Lee

Tien-Tsung Lee

Greg Lisby

Catherine Luther

Jane Schuster McConnell

Phil Meyer

Randy Miller

Roy Moore

John Nerone

Mary Beth Oliver

Zhongdang Pan

John Pauly

David Perry

Elizabeth Perse

Joe Phelps

Bob Picard

Angela Powers

David Pritchard

Jyotika Ramaprasad

Tom Reichert

Leonard Reid

Amy Reynolds

Diana Rios

Shelly Rodgers

Ilia Rodriguez

Karen Miller Russell

John Russial

Lynne Sallot

Dietram Scheufele

Klaus Schoenbach

Hemant Shah

Jane Singer

Michael Slater

John Soloski

Sujatha Sosale

Don Stacks

Linda Steiner

Mike Sweeney

George Sylvie

Alex Tan

David Tewksbury

Esther Thorson

Elizabeth Toth

James F. …

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