Academic journal article Manager

Prepare Yourself for Success

Academic journal article Manager

Prepare Yourself for Success

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ARE you finding it difficult to get hold of people you want to speak to on the telephone.

They are constantly in meetings!

If they enjoyed being there, that would be fine, except we usually hear: "I've got back-to-back meetings and no time to catch up on things I should be doing."

Or we are told: "Another hour wasted in a meeting that I really didn't need to goto."

So how do you make sure that the meetings you run are achieving what you want to achieve?

How can you get to the stage where everyone looks forward to your meetings - because you get things done - thus making you the envy of the other managers in the company?

During the course of the year we will be giving you ten tips to help you save time and money by managing your meetings more effectively.

You'll notice that half of the tips that we give you relate to things to do or think about BEFORE the meeting.

Remember, preparation is the key to an effective meeting.

So, in this issue, we will be concentrating on pre-meeting preparation and developing an effective agenda.

In this issue of Manager our top ten is as follows:

1. Ask yourself:

* Why do I want this meeting?

* What might be a more effective way of achieving my goal?

2. Check the strength of your reason why. You could use a scale of one to ten, where one is low (I don't really care) and ten is high (I'm so passionate, it keeps me awake at night). If you don't have a strong reason, why hold it?

3. Challenge standing agendas and working practices. What could you improve, develop or create to make a difference in your next meeting? …

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