Princes, Pastors ND People, the Church and Religion in England 1500-1700

Article excerpt

SUSAN DORAN AND CHRISTOPHER DURSTON. Princes, Pastors nd People, The Church and Religion in England 1500-1700. 2nd edition. London, England, and New York, New York: Routledge, 2003. Pp xi + 221, introduction, glossary, index. $25.95 (paper).

First published in 1991, Princes, Pastors and People was well received and widely adopted as a text for Reformation and post-Reformation history. Since its publication, as Doran and Durston recognize, work by Patrick Collinson, Christopher Haig, Peter Lake, Nicholas Tyacke, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Peter Marshall, and others has advanced our knowledge of the period. This new edition updates the original with all these historians' work, and adds an examination of the years 1500-1529 leading up to the Reformation. The new work assimilated into this second edition has served to underscore Doran and Durston's views of the Reformation as a process that spread beyond the reign of Elizabeth I and beyond even the Civil War. However, this book is not a narrative of the Reformation, rather it provides students with a route map to the church from 1500-1700 through a series of thematic chapters. …


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