Academic journal article Anglican and Episcopal History

Historical Prints of English Divines

Academic journal article Anglican and Episcopal History

Historical Prints of English Divines

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Gathered by the present author from various places over several years, this collection of historical prints of English Divines who lived mainly from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries has now been given to the Archives of the Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. Each person's name in this list is here followed by a very brief description, then by the year-dates of the person's birth and death, and finally (within parentheses) by the number of various prints of the same person that are in the collection. There are a total of 226 prints, representing 86 different persons in various likenesses. It is hoped that they may be interesting and useful, both for historical reference and also as illustrations for authors preparing articles or books about any of these persons.

George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1562-1633 (1)

Richard Bancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1544-1610 (1)

Henry Bathurst, Bishop of Norwich, 1744-1837 (1)

Richard Baxter, Puritan divine, author of 'Ye Holy Angels Bright' & 'Saints Everlasting Rest,' 1615-1691 (2)

John Boys, Dean of Canterbury, 1571-1625 (1)

Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, historian, 1643-1715 (5)

Willian Carey, Bishop of Exeter, 1769-1846 (1)

Robert James Carr, Bishop of Chichester, 1774-1841 (1)

John Colet, Dean of St. Pauls, 1466-1519 (5)

Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1489-1556 (8)

John Davenant, Bishop of Salisbury, 1576-1641 (3)

William Dawes, Archbishop of York, 1671-1724 (1)

John Dolben, Archbishop of York, 1625-1686 (1)

John Egerton, Bishop of Durham, 1721-1787 (1)

John Fell, Bishop of Oxford, 1625-1686 (1)

Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, Lord Chancellor, 1497-1555(2)

Bernard Gilpin, Archdeacon of Durham, 'Apostle of the North/ 1517-1584(2)

Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1519-1583 (4)

John Hall, Bishop of Bristol, 1633-1710 (1)

Joseph Hall, Bishop of Exeter then of Norwich, 1574-1656 (2)

Thomas Heather, chaplain to King Charles II, 17th century (2)

Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta, hymnographer, author of 'Brightest and best of the sons of the morning' and 'Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty,' 1783-1826 (2)

Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1693-1757 (1)

William Hicks, Puritan, 1621-1660 (1)

John Jewel, Bishop of Salisbury, 1522-1571 (1)

Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1637-1711 (5)

White Kennett, Bishop of Peterborough, 1660-1728 (2)

Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester and Reformer, 1485-1555 (2)

William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1573-1645 (4)

Robert Leighton, Archbishop of Glasgow, 1611-1684 (1)

Richard Lloyd, divine, 1595-1659 (1)

Robert Lowth, Bishop of London, 1710-1787 (1)

Peter Martyr, reformer, 1499-1562 (1)

Tobias Matthew, Archbishop of York, 1546-1628 (3)

George Mountaigne, Archbishop of York, 1569-1628 (1)

Alexander Nowell, Dean of St. Pauls, catechist, 1507-1602 (2)

William Paley, apologist and author of'Evidences of Christianity," 1743-1805(1)

Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1504-1575 (6)

Thomas Parnell, poet and Canon of Dublin, 1679-1718 (1)

Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely, 1625-1707 (1)

Zachary Pearce, Dean of Westminster, Bishop of Rochester, 1690-1774 (3)

John Pearson, Bishop of Chester, 1613-1686 (4)

Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich, 1599-1676 (5)

Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, reformer, 1500-1555 (13)

Thomas Rotheram, Archbishop of York, 1423-1500 (1)

William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1617-1693 (1)

Thomas Scott, Unitarian & Calvinist, biblical commentator, rector of Aston Sandford, 1747-1821 (1)

Patrick Scougal, Bishop of Aberdeen, 1607-1682 (1)

Thomas Seeker, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1693-1768 (4)

James Sharp, Archbishop of St. …

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