Science and Religion in the English-Speaking World, 1600-1727. A Bibliographic Guide to the Secondary Literature

Article excerpt

RICHARD S. BROOKS AND DAVID K. HIMROD. Science and Religion in the English-speaking World, 1600-1727. A Bibliographic Guide to the Secondary Literature. American Theological Library Association Bibliography Series, No. 46. Lanham, Maryland, and London: The Scarecrow Press, 2001. Pp. xxxiv + 620, indices. $85.00.

Name an author who when faced with a bibliography of her field does not flip first to the list of her own work. But immediately there is a problem: a whole book published in 1997 goes unnoticed and the compilers have taken the occasion to critique and contest her arguments. Not a good beginning for any reviewer, and in general the compilation fails to inspire confidence. Important works by Karin Figala on Newton's alchemy have been missed, as has Stephen Gaukroger's superb biography of Descartes. David Sturdy's prosopography of the founding members of the Academies des Sciences also goes unmentioned, and saying that it has little to do with religion would not be true. This is not a bibliography devoted to only Anglo-American contributors to the enterprise in the period from 1600-1727 and attempts are made to cover Continental figures. These attempts are less than successful.

Compiling a bibliography is a labor of love and surely we should be grateful. There is much here that is useful, especially to the graduate student and libraries which will have to buy the book. …


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