The White King's Funeral

Article excerpt

Twas a winter-night, and the pall was white,

For the snow fell thick and fast,

As to its grave in Windsor Nave

The White King's coffin past.

The good King Charles! it was meet that he,

Whose reign on earth below

Had been spotless and pure as pure could be,

Should have now a crown of snow.

There had risen against him a rebel-host,

And he sank before his foes;

And his faith was tried to the uttermost,

And brightest it shone at the close.

For the Church his life he held not dear,

For the Church he came to die;

And in that season of doubt and fear,

There was one of Her Bishops by.

"Now," said that Bishop, "there only remains

One stage, one short stage more;

It shall bear you quickly from fear and pains

To the place where pains are o'er.

"From death," said the King, "to life I go;

From bondage to be freed;

To a Palace above from a dungeon below;-

A blessed exchange indeed!"

No trumpet might sound, no banner might wave,

As his coffin was borne on its way;

That Bishop was ready beside the grave,

But they would not let him pray;

For they made great search for the sons of the Church,

And such in their dungeon they laid;

Fools! …


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