Learning Centers in Child Care Settings

Article excerpt

Stafford-Upshaw, E, & Myers-Walls, J. A. (1999). Learning Centers in Child Care Settings. Purdue University: Purdue Cooperative Extension. (http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/CDFS)

This educational resource is a training program to help caregivers plan and provide a practical learning environment in which children can explore and grow. According to StaffordUpshaw and Myers-Walls, the resource can help increase children's opportunities to learn by doing, reduce discipline problems, observe children's progress, give children clear classroom rules, and teach caregivers to manage classrooms more easily. When children learn the rules, know what to expect, and are allowed to control and create in the area of their choice and interest, caregivers experience fewer discipline problems.

This resource includes a Guide for Learning Centers, a Presenter's Guide, a video, and several posters. The posters provide good descriptions of seven types of learning centers such as creative art, dramatic play/housekeeping, constructive play/blocks, science, language arts/music, sand/water, and manipulative center. The content of each suggested center includes its location, equipment, and supplies; its benefits to children; the role of teacher; and guidelines for children using the center.

The Guide for Learning Centers presents good information about a variety of learning centers, as well as clear outlines and step-by-step instructions to design these centers. …


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