Book Reviews -- the Complete Short Stories of Jack London (3 Vols.) Edited by Earl Labor, Robert C. Leitz III and I. Milo Shepard

Article excerpt

The Complete Short Stories of Jack London. Three vols. Eds. Earl Labor, Robert C. Leitz, III, and I. Milo Shepard. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1993. xlix, 2257 pp. $180.00.

We are in a new age of Jack London scholarship, in which the whole canon of his work is being reassessed and wider range of his fiction bought to readers, while the inadequacies and even falsehoods of early biographies are being challenged. Among the signs of change: a vigorous Jack London Society sponsoring meetings all over North America; the Library of America's edition of his Novels and Social Writings; the 1990 one-volume Macmillan Short Stories of Jack London. Even the replacement of the overly familiar "To Build a Fire" by "South of the Slot" in the second edition of The Heath Anthology of American Literature signals the end of reductive Yukon stereotypes about London. His achievement is greater, and more diverse, than most readers have supposed.

This magnificent new Stanford edition is a companion to the press's three-volume set of The Letters of Jack London, published in 1987. …


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