Academic journal article Hecate

After the Fairy Tale

Academic journal article Hecate

After the Fairy Tale

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After the Fairy Tale

As usual I get the blame,

The crone is always evil.

I only wanted her to stay

up there long enough

to finish her education,

so she wouldn't end up

like the rest of them,

ordinary and overworked, fat

with babies every other year.

She said I was neurotic,

obsessive; that I had to

let her go.

So I did and off she went.

He didn't have a horse,

only a clapped out Holden,


Couldn't even build a ladder.

or think of rope.

He wasn't even very handsome,

though long hair for men

was in again that year.

I fixed up her old bedroom

in the attic I'd made mine,

put away my sewing and books,

left jars of flowers

on the bedhead.

`It's only a single', she complained,

though I'd thought that was

the whole idea

`I feel restricted.'

I don't know what she wants.

`Maybe I'll go to college next year.'

There's a lot to learn

that's not in books.

The phone bill has tripled.

He reverses the charges just

to tell her I'm a witch,

and she rings when I'm asleep

and weeps afterwards, softly. …

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