Academic journal article Chicago Review

The Trouble with Strangers

Academic journal article Chicago Review

The Trouble with Strangers

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It was not my dog that bit off the stranger's arm.

I may care for the dog and feed the dog and I

have even paid for her grooming and for her

colorful leash and collar, but does this

entitle me to ownership? I am sorry

for the loss of the stranger's arm and I hope with

all my heart that he will learn to live without it.

But just because I happen to have some

association with the dog-an

association which, despite public accounts,

is far from intimate-this does not mean that it

was my boot that broke the stranger's nose. I do not

deny that I am the man on the tape swinging

his leg back and forth. However, what the footage

does not reveal is the aggression the stranger

displayed when I tried to pull his arm out of the

dog's mouth. And even if I did give him one too

many kicks in the face, and even if the lash

on his back came from my whip, it is completely

inaccurate to say that I "brandished it in

a sadistic manner." I was just letting off

some steam, and even if I got a bit carried

away, this does not mean that I used

electrical wires, baseball bats or candle

wax. …

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