Academic journal article Chicago Review

Leek Soup

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Leek Soup

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"You can want to do nothing and then decide instead to do this: make leek soup. Between the will to do something and the will to do nothing is a thin, unchanging line: suicide."

-Marguerite Duras

Most people who make leek soup do not make good leek soup

because they do not realize that to make good leek soup

they must realize that instead of making leek soup

they could do nothing. One can only make leek soup by

not wanting to make leek soup. Do not stare into the

leek soup. Stare straight ahead while making leek soup and stir

the soup nonchalantly. A good leek soup smells like

vomit. A bad leek soup tastes like vomit. This is the

challenge of making leek soup: you will want to alter

its nature. But any interest you take in leek

soup will cause it to rebel against you. In this sense,

it is not like pumpkin soup. It is more like a

surly adolescent for whom apathy is a

form of love. Do not insist on making leek soup or

surely you will make bad leek soup. …

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