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How to Generate Ideas and Think Creatively

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How to Generate Ideas and Think Creatively

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HERE are ten more tips to help you save time and money by managing your meetings more effectively.

We're still looking at pre-meeting tips here, specifically about the agenda and how you involve other people.

1. Prepare a timed agenda to assist you in guiding the meeting - but be flexible. Decide how much time you are prepared to spend on each item and allocate time slots on the agenda.

2. Include any pre-meeting information with your agenda.

3.Allow time in the meeting for identifying possibilities.

People naturally have a tendency to agree with the first good suggestion that is made. If you allow time for generating more good ideas and possibilities, you may find that the third, fourth or even tenth one is the best.

4.Ensure that all agenda items are relevant to the purpose of the meeting. Will they help you to achieve your goals?

5. Prepare the process for each agenda item in advance. Once you have defined the desired outcome of the agenda item, consider how you can most effectively achieve it with the resources available.

6.Too many meetings follow the same format of presentations or large group discussions.

What about thinking more creatively about how to involve people? For example, a simple two minutes pairs exercise to generate ideas encourages the quieter participants to contribute and will produce a greater quantity of possibilities than general discussion or traditional brainstorming methods.

If, as part of the meeting, you plan to generate a large quantity of ideas, ensure you have planned in advance of the meeting an appropriate way of prioritising them. …

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