Academic journal article Hecate

The Drover's Wife

Academic journal article Hecate

The Drover's Wife

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Baked beans were originally sold with treacle.

An empty purse fills the face with wrinkles.

A row of kisses (xxxx)

(the mark of St. Andrew).

Dividing by zero is forbidden!

On the horizon: 23 horses . 19 men . 26 camels .

Bees can see ultra-violet light.

The sky


An ironing-board....

A woman tethered to an iron-ring on the floor....

Isn't glass (jus') wonderful?!

You can walk 90 miles and not see anyone!

(Your ears are there, to keep you steady).

Shakespeare married Anne


There's a mismatch here between History, and


The World runs on wheels.

The News comes: the fire has jumped the road

11 of the 15 most poisonous snakes in the World are from here.

The Bush: Meow, bang, crackle, zip, ring

(Ants literally boiling out of the ground).

A dog

can detect the source of a sound

in 1/600(th) of a second.

Women kill in kitchens.

The neck of a cobra) expands, into a Hood.

The dog )))) bears its (42) teeth.

A man comes out of the woods with a broken-line

tattooed across his neck (with

instructions to) : CUT ALONG THE DOTTED LINE

The G-string

is the lowest of the 4 strings (on

a violin).

The pain of a Red-back is: immediate!

Glass breaks at 4,827 kilometres an hour.

When a toad vomits, it brings up its whole stomac (before re-




The habit of "spitting " (on something) for luck is still with us!


Hemogobin is red

cos it contains (iron) heme.

Heme makes up 6% of


Don't let the dead come back to haunt you.

Put them in a coffin & take them out thru the window headfirst.

There are 132 main ways of "sitting" (only 30 of which

involve a chair).

A word like MOM (or WOW) has got vertical symmetry.


: a rapid ))) in-rushing of


The one-eyed Jack of Spades quickly turns his head away.

(A jealous head is soon broken). …

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