Academic journal article Hecate

Dream Journal

Academic journal article Hecate

Dream Journal

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Black snake sheds skin ...

In early-morning light

I watched a snake

ensnared in old, slack skin

struggling to free itself,

trapped inside a sac

resembling magnified

and thickened mesh

of spider-web, a dead

membrane of coarsened

gossamer and lifeless scales.

I wanted to assist

by easing off the toils

of epidermis, but,

irresolute and helpless,

turned away - could not

bear witness,

fearing the reptile

doomed to wear

an outgrown semblance

of itself, strangling

in casing it could

not cast off.

The sun rose on a sleek

black serpent, strangely

familiar, sinuous,

expectantly regarding me

from grass beyond my back

doorstep. I couldn't tell

if it was friend or enemy.

Then came an image from tai ch'i,

a moment of epiphany:

'White crane spreads wings ...'

Black snake sheds skin ...



Three days pass, when morning brings

a different kind of oracle - a python

by the roadside, near my garden,

where she no doubt lived. …

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