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Aims And Scope. The Educational Research Quarterly is an international, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the advancement of the practice of education through research, scholarship. The Educational Research Quarterly publishes evaluative, integrative, theoretical and methodological manuscripts reporting the results of research; current issues in education; synthetic review articles which result in new syntheses or research directions; book reviews; theoretical, empirical or applied research in psychometrics, edumetrics, evaluation, research methodology or statistics; descriptions of research in progress which provide new insights; germinal studies which establish new directions for research or the practice of education as well as research of an interdisciplinary nature and replications or extensions of previous work. The Educational Research Quarterly also entertains commentary on articles published in the journal, data processing technologies, news and notes as well as issues of contemporary social relevance, minority, cultural or under represented groups, or other topics at the boundary between educational science and society.

Copyright And Permission. Manuscripts submitted to this journal may not have been published nor simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, authors agree that the copyright for the article is transferred to the publisher if and when the article is accepted for publication. Authors assume any and all costs for protection from copyright infringement. The Educational Research Quartrely assumes no resposibility for defense, judgement, or liability from copyright or plagerism violation. Assignment of copyright is not required from authors who are employed by organizations that do not permit such assignment. The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce or distribute the article, including reprints, photographic reproductions, microform, or any other reproductions as well as translations. This journal may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, electrostatic, magnetic, photocopy, recording or otherwise without the express written permission of the editor. Authorization to photocopy items for personal use is granted in concordance with section 107 or 108 of the United States Copyright Law. Photocopying and/or other forms of distribution for other than personal use are subject to a fee of $20.00 per page of each article, payable to the publisher prior to distribution, when written permission is secured from the editor. Access services may use unedited abstracts without permission of the editor or the author. Libraries are permitted to photocopy beyond the limits of U.S. copyright law provided a per page fee of $20.00 is paid to the Educational Research Quarterly.

Equal Employment Opportunity. The Educational Research Quarterly reserves the right to edit all copy and to refuse adds that are not in consonance with the principles of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Equal Employment Opportunity). The publication of any advertisement is an endorsement neither of the advertiser nor of the products or services advertised. The Educational Research Quarterly is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement. Advertisers may not without prior consent incorporate in a subsequent advertisement the fact that a product or service has been advertised in the Educational Research Quarterly.

Ethical Practice. Authors reporting original data will be required to state in writing that they have complied with the ethical standards of the American Psychological Association in the treatment of their sample, human or animal, or to describe the details of treatment. A copy of the Ethical Principles may be obtained from the American Psychological Association, Ethics Office, 1200 17th. Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036. Prior and duplicate publication constitutes unethical behavior, and authors have an obligation to consult the editor if there is any chance or question that the paper might not be suitable for publication. …


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