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Running Meetings Effectively

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Running Meetings Effectively

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1 Think clearly about your role in the meeting. Consider in advance whether you will be a facilitator, who is solely concerned with the process, i.e. achieving the goals through gaining the input of others, or whether you will also contribute content to the meeting. You might need to make obvious to other participants that your ideas are Only ideas', or perhaps they are not! Is your role to achieve consensus or make the final decision?

2 Ensure you have an appropriate role model at the meeting someone who will contribute lots of ideas, and who has a positive attitude, or who has the required knowledge for that meeting and is willing to share it with the group.

3 Concentrate on what you do want to achieve, rather than what you don't. Remember, you will achieve what you focus on, so focus on the positive!

4 Signpost throughout the meeting. Let the group know where you are in the process and what is coming next. For example, "We will just cover the next agenda item and then take a 10 minute break." Or, "When we come back, we will spend 15 minutes looking at the solutions." This will help to prevent flagging concentration.

5 Use positive language, "lean," "!will," "certainly," "great" or even "brilliant" and "excellent" in response to input from participants. Avoid using the word "try".

When someone tells you that they will try and do something, they probably won't!

6 Think win/win. This means not only looking for a result that meets your own needs, but also one that will meet the needs of others involved. …

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