Academic journal article The Catholic Historical Review

Medieval -- King Saint Stephen of Hungary by Gyorgy Gyorffy

Academic journal article The Catholic Historical Review

Medieval -- King Saint Stephen of Hungary by Gyorgy Gyorffy

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King Saint Stephen of Hungary. By Gyoergy Gyoerffy.

Atlantic Studies on Society in Change, No. 71; East European Monographs, No. CCCCIII.

(Boulder, Colorado: Social Science Monographs; Highland Lakes, New Jersey: Atlantic Research and Publications, Inc. Distributed by Columbia University Press, New York. 1994. Pp. viii, 213. $32.00.)

The volume is an abbreviated version in English translation of the author's Istvan kiraly es mueve

King Stephen and his work

(Budapest: Gondolat, 1977 a book I have reviewed in Austrian History Yearbook, 17-18 (1981-82), 356-359. The English version does not, of course, offer the relatively rich picture and illustrative material included in the original, and it lacks the comprehensive bibliography of seventy-three pages in small print of the original. The latter is replaced by a barely ten-page list of books; and the double column index of fifty-six pages in small print of the original is substituted by a seventeen-page index of place and personal names. The list does not cite original primary sources individually, by name, except the Emericus Szentpetery (ed.), Scriptores rerum Hungaricarum (2 vols.; Budapest, 1937-38), collection--a critical edition of numerous narrative chronicles, and of the Admoniones of King St. Stephen (997-1038), addressed to his heirs on the throne. On the other hand, A. F. Gombos, Catalogus fontium historiae Hungaricae (4 vols.; Budapest, 1937-1941), is unacceptable as a reliable critical source collection. The existence and availability of Emericus Szentpetery and Ivan Borsa (eds.), Regesta regum stirpis Arpadianae critico-diplomatica (2 vols.; Budapest, 1923-1987), a rich trove of royal writs and diplomas, ought to have been at least acknowledged in the listings. What the latter renders is a relatively recent English translation of Hungarian laws, and Gyoergy Gyoerffy, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft der Ungarn um die Jahrtausendwende (Budapest, 1983), whose appendix (pp. …

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