Academic journal article Hecate

Motherhood Is Sacred

Academic journal article Hecate

Motherhood Is Sacred

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(and don't you women's libbers go messin' around with it, neither!)

"Fatherly Lecture"

Now, look-ee yere,


Big Mama! Yes, you!

What's all this talk

About -- about -- lib-er-a-tion

(Pains me, it does, even to have to

spit that word out!)?

All that sorta stuff,

I mean, is OK -- see? --

Fer flusterated

Ole maids,

Or dykes,

Or wimmin doin' a kind-a

Backwards come-on

To git theirselves a husband.

But, hell's fire --


Good gosh!

Di'n't yer Daddy

Drag you up right?

Ain't you tooken a good look

At yer own


Ole-fashioned Mama?

Now, she never grumbled

Fer havin' to give up

Her maiden name

To take over a fine

Man's moniker,

Now did she?

Hell, no!

She was all a-gog,

From grammar school on,

To do jess that.

(And, anyhow,

Y'all got men's names

Nohow --

Yer Daddies'! Haw!)

Did she groan about

Doin' dishes?

Shecks! She di'n't even have

A dishwasher;

And I'll swan,

Di'n't hanker after none,


Jeepers! She di'n't

Think nuthin'

O' them two o'clock feedin's,

Or washin' all them

Di'pers --

By han', too!

She unnerstood:

Motherhood is sacred!

Come to thenk on it,

Mebbe this yere talk

About lib-er-a-tion

Ain't even good

Fer non-married fe-males...

Like, thass how you fillin'

Yer everyday mother's bonnet

With lotsa crazy dreams --

And ideas...

Like, who's gonna take keer

O' them sweet,



Li'l ole babies,

Effen you do a disappearin' act? …

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