Academic journal article Hecate

They'll Starve You

Academic journal article Hecate

They'll Starve You

Article excerpt

from me to me

so you think you're better


made of special stuff

a fine addition to the human species

they will treat you like feces

under the boot of racial pride

they'll skin your hide and drive home

the message of numbing pain


they'll never pay you your worth

or recognize your beauty

the language of your bone and drum are foreign tongue

you're hung if you know too much

hung if you know too little

over qualified or under

they will tell you you're too tall, dark

hip, intelligent or ugly

or too good to be true

or too much whore or not whore enuff

you will always be too late or too early

too hard or too easy


they will open all doors

except the one you want to go thru

slave sucka slave

the future is a grave

you won't get over

sniffin' clover

it's your rump you've got to save

they'll box you in

make necessities luxuries and luxuries, dreams

(yes. we loved each other

but he was tampered with

and i was a veteran of World War Love

a story with one possible ending


shit. i dared think he was my forever

they'll starve you till your cunt rusts

till your children betray you to the gestapo

your lover steals cash from your purse

till you collapse over the office typewriter

till you smoke too much dope and drink too much sterno

till you don't care if the sun rises

jesus returns

or the fucker cums

they will make you believe in ghosts

see ghosts

talk to ghosts

become a ghost

they will starve you


they will make you pay until paying feels like privilege

make you forgive them as they tighten the noose

to your throat

they will whip your body to a bloody pulp

conceal it in a plastic bag

weight it down with brick

and toss it into the swamp

they will poison your progeny with every dangerous substance known to man

they will rob you of your secrets

and get rich while you STARVE


no way no way

no way no way no way


they will be your friend as long as you're exceptional

what will they do when they have no use for you? …

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