Academic journal article Hecate


Academic journal article Hecate


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Day after day I sat by the ashes

believe me I knew their taste

and that not the worst of it

my Sisters

their shrill hatred like birds

my heart grew sullen

I could not hate them

somehow they were too poor

such ugliness

I stayed revolted and calm

perhaps it was that stillness

that drew him to me --

not the slipper at all

though I admit I married a foot fetishist --

but after all more than one woman

has tiny feet

and to have watched their poor macabre makeup

before the ball

pity would grow in any throat

as they cooed and preened

no I wasn't bitter

the fact is I was more than resigned

I simply couldn't imagine another life

it seemed right/others in their hell

and me in my place

sitting with my advantages

among the ashes

staring at a coal like a heart

so the shock of the wand the gown and the ball

was not altogether slight

I suppose you could say as we danced

I was simply in shock

no not eager at all

and it was that too I think

that hooked him

and as for my sisters

each one chained mentally to one of his feet

screaming "Choose me"

they turned in on themselves

and grew utterly mad

illusions blossomed like vines

they both said they'd rejected him

and supported each other in this

right to the end --

we all cope one way or another --

yes it's true I was at home

when he called

poking the fire in a desultory way

thinking it all might never have happened

and I wasn't at all sure it had

but the slipper

how horrible

it doesn't bear speaking of

walking in glass

its terror only equal to that of losing

this Prince

nowadays I teeter round the Palace

knowing one slip and I'm dead

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