Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of History

Article excerpt

Lee Harris. Civilization and Its Enemies: The Next Stage of History. New York: Free Press, 2004.

This book is about the fight between the civilized world and ruthless international terrorists who want to destroy it. The latter group, unlike more traditional enemies who desire economic gain, fights for the sake of ego aggrandizement and the "glory of God." (The terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center had not planned on bringing down the Twin Towers - they figured on doing a great deal of structural damage. The collapse of the Towers proved to Al Qaeda that God was on their side.)

To gain greater perspective on the terrorists, Lee Harris, the author of this book, offers historical analysis from ancient Greece to the present. He contends that from Sparta to the French Revolution, civilization depends upon brute force, properly wielded by a sovereign. Harris argues that only America can play the role of sovereign on the world stage, by the use of force when necessary.

Can the international community keep the world safe and secure? …


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