Aging: An Introduction to Gerontology

Article excerpt

Aiken, Lewis R. (1995). Aging: An Introduction to Gerontology. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. 450 pp. Hardcover ISBN 0-8039-5445-X, price $55.00.

Aging takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of aging. The author includes psychological, biological, sociological, economic, legal, and other perspectives. The book elevates the position of aging to a unique level and enriches our understanding of what it means to grow older in our society. Aiken recognizes the aging population as a power group because of its size and influence and emphasizes the impact this age group will have on our society in the future. Aiken restates much of the information on aging that has been presented in previous sources, as well as updates the reader about new knowledge in this area. The 13 chapters cover all aspects of aging, beginning with the history and structure of the field. The book then looks into the biology and psychology of aging. As in many other resources, health, cognitive, personality, and mental health issues are covered. This book offers more diversity than others because it provides discussions of sex and marital relations, social status roles, employment and retirement economics, aging living arrangements and activities, crime and the law, and death and bereavement in much more detail than most other resources. …


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