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This section of the Journal lists working papers, technical reports and monographs published by real estate centers, university real estate departments and other research organizations. If you wish to obtain a copy of a paper, please place your orders directly with the publishing organization. Ordering information is provided in the listing of universities represented. Pricing information is indicated in parentheses. If your organization is not represented in this listing and you would like it to be, please forward a current list of publications, along with information on ordering papers, to Jack Harris.

Contact Information

Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (http://

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Information Services, 113 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138-3400. Papers can be downloaded free of charge at http://

The Departmental secretary (Publications), Department of Land Management and Development, University of Reading, PO Box 219, Reading RG6 6AW, United Kingdom. Working papers can be downloaded from titles2000.htm.

Publications, The Real Estate Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843 (1-800-244-2144; price for hard copy listed after publication; all papers can be downloaded free of charge from

Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, 1021 Prince St., Suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22314 (703-706-8100;

Center for Urban Land Economic Research, University of Wisconsin, School of Business. All papers $3.00. Order by phone (608-262-9816), email (khenes@ or Internet (

110 Vacant Land

Parker, Gavin. University of Reading. Sustainable food? Taklei, Co-Operatives and Food Citizenship in Japan and the UK (11/05).

120 Housing

Anari, Ali. Texas A&M University. Housing Market Mirrors Population Growth (1726, $2.50).

Anari, Ali. Texas A&M University. What Goes Down Must Come Up: How Fed Funds Rate Affects Housing Market (1705, $2.50).

William, Apgar. Harvard University. Rethinking Rental Housing: Expanding the Ability of Rental Housing to Serve as a Pathway to Economic and Social Opportunity (W04-11).

Diaz, Marc. Harvard University. Assessing Property Management for Affordable Housing (W04-9).

Harris, Jack. Texas A&M University. Interest in Interest: Rising Rates and Home Sales (1698, $2.50).

Ortalo-Magne, Francois and Antonio Merlo. University of Wisconsin. Bargaining Over Residential Real Estate: Evidence from England (06-04).

130 Apartments

Goodman, Jack. Harvard University. Determinants of Operating Costs of Multifamily Rental Housing (W04-7).

150 Shopping Centers/Retail

Cowley, Jennifer. Texas A&M University. Thinking Outside the Big Box (172), $2.50).

Dotzour, Mark. Texas A&M University. Centers of Attention: Retail Tenants and Trends (1690, $2.50).

Hunt, Harold and Matt Ginder. Texas A&M University. Lights Out: When Wal-marts Go Dark (1720, $2.50)

210 Sales Contract

Ortalo-Magne, Francois and Antonio Merlo. University of Wisconsin. Bargaining Over Residential Real Estate: Evidence from England (07-04).

220 Mortgages

Shilling, James D. University of Wisconsin. International Differences in Homeowner Borrowing Costs (09-04).

310 Appraisal/Valuation/Consulting

Gallimore, Paul and Patrick Mcallister. University of Reading. The Production and Consumption of Commercial Real Estate Market Forecasts (06/05).

320 Brokerage

Fambrough, Judon. Texas A&M University. Perspectives on Buyer Agency (1727, $2.50).

Fambrough, Judon. Texas A&M University. Virtual Signatures (1699, $2.50).

Hunt, Harold. …


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