Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Journal Index: Contents of Current Journals

Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Journal Index: Contents of Current Journals

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American Economie Review-Volume 94, Number 5, 2004.

Davis, L. The Effect of Health Risk on Housing Values: Evidence from a Cancer Cluster.

Applied Economies-Volume 36, Number 20, 2004.

Krystalogianni, A., G. Matysiak and S. Tsolacos. Forecasting UK Commercial Real Estate Cycle Phases with Leading Indicators: A Probit Approach.

Appraisal Journal-Volume 72, Number 4, 2004.

Black, D. Private Development as Public Use: New Michigan Case Raises Questions About Power to Condemn Property for Economic Development.

Boyle, T. USPAP-The Bottom Line: What to Do, What to Write.

Jackson, T. Surveys, Market Interviews, and Environmental Stigma.

Major, C. and K. Lusht. Beach Proximity and the Distribution of Property Values in Shore Communities.

Salter, S., K. Johnson and R. Anderson. What's a Warranty Worth? The Impact of Home Owner Warranties on Property Sales.

Sevelka, T. Appraisal Standards and Professional Negligence Claims.

Taylor, G. and W. Endsley. The Full Spectrum of Real Estate Risk Analysis.

Wolpin, J. Statistical Reasoning in Family Limited Partnership Appraisals: New Tax Court Scrutiny.

Wolverton, M. Highest and Best Use: The von Thünen Connection.

Appraisal Journal-Volume 73, Number 1, 2005.

Barnes, R. The ABC's of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profit Most Investors Miss.

Bible, D., C. Hsieh, G. Joiner and L. Chuo-Hsuan. Analysis of the Effects of Contamination by a Creosote Plant on Property Values.

DeLisle, J. The Wave of Recovery: Capital Flows and Spatial Ripples.

Devaney, M. Deconstructing Overall Capitalization Rates.

French, N. and L. Gabrielli. Uncertainty and Feasibility Studies: An Italian Case Study.

Mayo, J. and T. Straka. The Holding Value Premium in Standing Timber Valuation.

O'Connor, P. Valuation of Texas LIHTC Apartments Restricted by Land Use Restriction Agreements.

O'Neill, J. and E. Belfrage. A Strategy for Estimating Identified Intangible Asset Value: Hotel Affiliation Contribution.

Polton, R. Fundamentals of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

Rattermann, M. Fannie Mae Announces "Round Two" of Appraisal Report Revisions.

Tellatin, J., S. Short and C. Hansen. Proprietary Earnings of Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities under HUD Valuation Guidelines.

Briefings in Real Estate Finance-Volume 4, Number 2, 2004.

Armonat, S. and A. Pfnuer. Asset Allocation Versus Entrepreneurial Decisions in Real Estate Investment.

Bartlett, P. Exploring the Difference Approaches to Taxing PPP and PFI Vehicles.

Calder, J., S. Compton and J. Stein. A Report on Title Insurance in International Real Estate Transactions.

Connell, A. The UK Transfer of a Going Concern Regime: Trade Facilitation Measure or Bureaucratic Jungle.

Conner, P. and R. Falzon. Volatility Differences Between the Public and Private Real Estate Markets.

Murray, N. Property Investment and Development Finance in European Jurisdictions: France.

Canadian Appraiser-Volume 48, Number 4, 2004.

Duncan, B. Let The Consultation Begin.

Halladay, D. Updated Residential Forms.

Haynes, R. Focusing on Risk Management.

Horswill, S. Residential Fee Appraisers: Appraise Yourself.

Lawrence, K. Referrals and Repeat Business.

McCoombs, G. Data Verification is a Vital Step.

Sevelka, T. Ground Lease Rental Disputes.

Environment & Planning A-Volume 36, Number 10, 2004.

Griffith, D. A Spatial Filtering Specification for the Autologistic Model.

Marchionni, C. Geographical Economics Versus Economic Geography: Towards a Clarification of the Dispute.

Mokhtarian, P., G. Collantes and C. Gertz. Telecommuting, Residential Location, and Commute-Distance Traveled: Evidence from State of California Employees.

Sayer, A. …

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