Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

One of Us

Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

One of Us

Article excerpt

When she was a child,

Katie Hnida thought Wonder Woman

Was as wide as the skies

Behind her Colorado townhouse,

Wide as the football fields

Stretching from Aurora to Main

Whose lights blazed all night

Like a beacon to the Rockies and beyond.

The fields and football stadiums

Were all hers, Katie thought,

Cutting Wonder Woman stand-ups

From the pages of her comic books

She placed along the wooden edges

Of her window sills, everything hers

With her thigh-high black boots

And red white and blue striped trunks.

Wonder Woman could fly faster than any prairie hen

Or Hammond's flycatcher, and Katie

Would see her swooping down,

Then swooping up when she practiced

Her place-kicking on the football field

That stretched from the corners

Of her backyard's southwest side.

Katie saw that her own jaw was square

Her hair the same bounciness of curled-out waves

And she thought she would do it,

Make history for girls

With the lightening whip

Of her place kicks. …

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