Books -- the Encyclopedia of New York City Edited by Kenneth T. Jackson

Article excerpt

Kenneth T. Jackson, editor. The Encyclopedia of New York City. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995.

The need for a New York City encyclopedia, that both researchers and general readers would find useful, was recognized by Edward Tripp of Yale University Press in 1982. In 1986 the New York Historical Society agreed to co-publish such a book.

The editors made several decisions that provided a framework for the project. First, the encyclopedia would range chronologically from prehistory to the present. Second, it would cover the entire area now making up the five boroughs, most of which did not become part of New York City until 1898. And lastly, there was an effort to include groups that had been neglected in scholarly and popular writings, namely women, African-Americans, Latinos, and immigrants. The result of this work is a one volume encyclopedia which extensively maps the territory of our nation's largest city.

It contains 4300 alphabetically arranged entries by more than 650 contributors, with nearly 700 illustrations. Included are articles on 416 neighborhoods, 68 ethnic groups, 29 religious denominations, 114 schools, 37 hotels, 20 advertising agencies, and 102 newspapers and magazines. The interpretations contained in the entries are those of the individual authors rather than the editors, and they will occasionally differ. Those readers more seriously interested in researching particular subjects may want to consult additional sources for further information. …


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