Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan / Syria / Tunisia

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan / Syria / Tunisia

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Oct. 22: It was reported that the government had released nine political prisoners jailed since April 1995. [10/24 FBIS]

Oct. 25: In Parajog, Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA) forces clashed with government forces. [10/26 FBIS]

Oct. 26: The government reported that government forces had clashed with SPLA forces that were backed by Ugandan forces in the southern town of Fargouk. [10/31 FBIS]

Nov. 6: Diplomats and aid workers reported that the SPLA had captured nine southern towns, including the town of Pagere, in an offensive which began on 25 October. [ll/7 FT]

Nov. 7: The governments of Sudan and Ethiopia, and the United Nations (UN) High Commission for Refugees signed an agreement providing for the repatriation of Ethiopian refugees in the Sudan. [11/8 FBIS]

Nov. 22: SPLA sources reported that SPLA and government forces had clashed near the Kit River and that 1,000 government soldiers had been killed in the incident. [11/22 FBIS]

Nov. 27: SPLA sources reported that the SPLA had shelled the southern town of Torit. [11/28 FBIS]

The government announced that relief flights of humanitarian aid to the south had been suspended. [11/28 FBIS]

Nov. 28: At the Umdurman University, the clash of two student groups, the National Islamic Front (NIF) and the Democratic National Grouping (DNG), escalated to include confrontations with security forces, resulting in an undisclosed number of casualties. [11/30 FBIS]

Dec. 5: Finance Minister Hasan Ahmad announced a 53 percent increase in wages to keep pace with inflation. [12/6 FT]

Dec. …

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