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When the present editorial group took over the production of Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, the editors had two missions - to increase the range of material on early film that the journal published and to make available material related to performance that it is relatively inaccessible or little known for the use of fellow scholars of nineteenth and early twentieth century performance. The former has been partially successful, though we are actively engaged in a search for more material and would welcome submissions - at different stages of development - for consideration.

Our document section offers objects and texts that, individually, throw light on theatrical and/or filmic processes or the cultural circumstances in which performance events have taken place. As with any other document, these documents are open to other readings and further or different interpretations. Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film's documents are those that, in many circumstances, are less likely to be encountered in the course of research. To date the 'Documents of Performance' have been largely artifacts. In this edition we are reproducing the first of a number of longer original texts. The Diary of an Actress was first published anonymously in a limited edition in 1885 and gives a detailed account of three years of the working and personal life of a British provincial actor. …


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