Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Individuals and Institutions Publishing Research in Real Estate-1989-1998

Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Individuals and Institutions Publishing Research in Real Estate-1989-1998

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This article ranks individuals and institutions according to their publications in eight academic journals from 1989 through 1998. The results imply that the most prolific individuals tend to extensively coauthor papers. The rankings vary significantly over each five-year subperiod, yet the results identify a fairly small group of individuals who consistently dominate the top ranks during the decade examined. The results also identify a small group of authors who continue to exhibit relatively high publishing performance in the individual journals over more than two decades. This article also ranks institutions using authors' contemporaneous and current affiliations. Surprisingly, most of the top fifty institutions are so ranked regardless of the affiliation method used, suggesting that they either enjoy long term stability in their research personnel or tend to replace departing faculty with equally productive individuals.


Like their counterparts in other academic disciplines, real estate scholars are expected to publish research in academic or professional journals and many spend a significant part of their time to this end. Universities and colleges often explicitly state research as part of their missions; most require publications in academic journals for tenure, promotion and raises. It is therefore not surprising that there is a continuing interest in relative publication performance, both within and across institutions. This study examines the publication performance of both individuals and institutions in the major academic real estate journals from 1989 through 1998.

There is a steady stream of literature monitoring publishing performance of individuals and institutions in other fields. There also have been several studies of publishing performance in real estate. The existing studies in real estate, however, tend to focus on single journals.' And while useful for their intended purposes, they do not provide the broad perspective needed to encompass the wide variety of journals that regularly publish real estate research. This analysis of the profession takes these additional publishing outlets into account.

This study examines publishing performance in a broad range of academic journals identified by the profession as important outlets for real estate research. The analysis provides a comprehensive picture of real estate publishing performance over an extended period of time. In addition, the results reported for individual journals also provide useful updates to prior studies that are a decade or more old.

This study does not purport to measure or rank the relative significance of contributions to the field. First, all published papers are not of equal quality or importance for extending the base of knowledge in real estate. Second, some important contributions to real estate are published in finance, economics or other field journals that are not in the set of real estate journals. Nonetheless, these rankings are offered in the same spirit as previous publication studies in finance and economics.2 Publications are easily measured and-with the appropriate caveat-offer a rudimentary measure of scholarly activity, especially when modified to take into account co-authorship and the mobility of individuals among universities during the period studied.

Data and Methodology

All of the performance measures in this study are based on the total number of papers authored (both unadjusted and adjusted for the number of co-authors) and total published pages (normalized across journals and adjusted for the number of coauthors) in eight widely recognized academic journals. The "core" academic real estate journals specifically specialize in real estate topics: Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (JREFE); Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER); and Real Estate Economics (REE).3 Five journals are included that publish a wider range of topics but also regularly publish a significant amount of real estate research: Journal of Housing Economics (JHE); Journal of Regional Science (JRS); Journal of Urban Economics (JUE); Land Economics (LE); and Regional Science and Urban Economics (RSUE). …

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