Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Thanks to Our Reviewers in 2005

Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Thanks to Our Reviewers in 2005

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As a new year begins, I would like to thank our reviewers, who take time from their busy schedules, without recompense, to work for The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. We receive approximately 200 manuscripts each year, and the publication has risen from 12 to 14 issues, so there is always a lot to do. Contributions from all our reviewers helped raise the impact factor of the Journal (now 2.2).

I would also like to thank the members of the Editorial Board. You may notice that its membership has expanded considerably. All Board members, both new and old, make a major commitment to the Journal. While we ask expert psychiatrists (and other mental health professionals) across Canada to review submissions, members of the Board are doing the lion's share. They also attend Editorial Board meetings at the Annual General Meeting, which review Journal policies and brainstorm ideas for the In Review series (and for the In Debate series).

I would like to offer special thanks to Roger Bland, David Goldbloom, Paul Grof, Alain Lesage, and David Streiner for their role in the Journal. Once every year, at CPA Spring Rounds, a core group of editors meets and spends an entire day planning the future of the publication.

We hired new staff at the Journal in 2005, and I would like to acknowledge their fine work: the Managing Editor, Virginia St-Denis, and the Editorial Coordinator, Eryn Kirkwood.

The Journal is read by 70% of all psychiatrists in Canada and, with the availability of Web access, has a greater international profile. We have a mandate from the CPA to be a strong scientific publication, and we are fulfilling it with a combination of original research, systematic reviews, and debates. The Journal continues to aim for both quality and relevance.

Manuscript Reviewers / Réviseurs de textes

Donald Addington

Julio E Arboleda-Flórez

Martin Aida

Lisa Andermann

Lawrence Annable

Suzanne Archie

AG Awad

Pierre Beausejour

Cynthia Beck

Chawki Benkelfat

Lise Bergeron

Joan Bishop

Régis Biais

Luc Blanchet

David Bloom

Michael Bond

Rudy Bowen

Elspeth Bradley

Susan Bradley

Jean Jacques Breton

Catherine Briand

Simon A Brooks

Alain Brunet

Barry Campbell

Nicole Casacalenda

Gary Andrew Chaimowitz

Ranjith Chandrasena

Dara Charney

Martin G CoIe

Robert Cooke

Marc Corbière

Gilles Côté

Anne Crocker

Nicholas J Delva

Maurice Dongier

Charles EIs

Murray Enns

Marie-Josee Fleury

Eric Fombonne

David S Goldbloom

Elliot M Goldner

Benjamin Goldstein

Paul Grof

David J Harris

Lily Hecthman

PCS Hoaken

Abel Ickowicz

Mimi Israel

Umesh Ravi Jain

Eric Jarvis

Ridha Joober

Allan Kaplan

Laurence Katz

Edward Kingstone

Steven Kisely

Diana Koszycki

Carl Lachante

Phillipe Lageix

Raymond Lam

Pierre Landry

Eric Latimer

Jean Leblanc

Karine Létourneau

Anthony J Levitt

Paul S Links

John Livesley

Karl Looper

Ashok K Malla

Roderick J MacLeod

Glenda MacQueen

Catherine Mancini

Howard Margolese

François Maranda

Marie-Josée Marois

Paul Max

William O McCormick

Rosemary Meier

Harold Merskey

Klaus K Minde

Rachel Moorehouse

Beverly Murphy

Michael F Myers

Juan-Carlos Negrete

Marion Olsted

Wemer J Pankratz

Joel Paris

Irene Patelis-Siotis

Patricia Pearce

P Susan Penfold

Debra Pepier

Michel Perreault

Emmanuel Persad

Kathleen Estelle Pierson

Gilbert Pinard

Trevor Prior

Arun Ravindran

Ronald A Remick

Gail Erlick Robinson

Patricia Rosebush

Cécile Rousseau

Cheryl Rowe

Renee Roy

Isaac Sakinofsky

Marc Sasseville

Jean-François Saucier

Norbert Schmidt

Mary V seeman

Denyck H Smith

Howard Steiger

Meir Steiner

Warren Steiner

Émmanuel Slip

Aidan Stokes

David Streiner

Richard P Swinson

Peter Szatmari

Raymond Tempier

Philip Tibbo

Michael Tremblay

Rob van Reekum

Steven Vida

Donald A Wasylenki

Margaret Weiss

D Blake Woodside

Ari E Zaretsky

Phyllis Zelkowitz

Mark Zoccolillo

CAPE Special Issue / CAPE édition spéciale

David Pevalin

Brian Rush

Terry Wade

Alain Lesage

Roger Bland

Heather Stuart

Book Reviewers / Critiques de livres

Allan Abass

Alex Adsett

Joy Albuquerque

Harvey Armstrong

Christiane Bertelli

Harry Bissada

Lise Broch

Marie-Josée Brouillette

Laura Calhoun

Colin Cameron

Paul Cameron

R Chandrasena

David Crockford

Nicholas J Delva

Natasha Demidenko

Maucrice Dongier

Alan B Douglass


Nady el-Guebaly

Paul Federoff

Stuart Fine

George A Fraser

Daniel Greben

Paul Grof

Rick Guscott

Herta Guttman

Magdelena Janus

Llewellyn W Joseph

Anne Josiukas

Sidney Kennedy

Vera Lantos

Yvon LaPierre

John Livesly

François Mai

Mortimer Mamelak

Bruce D. …

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