Academic journal article Hecate

How Do Detectives Make Love?

Academic journal article Hecate

How Do Detectives Make Love?

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How Do Detectives Make Love?

how did my parents make love/ was it in the 1950s

way/ in their pyjamas under the blankets/ could my

father switch off from his job as he switched the

light off/ when he made love with my mother in the

dark/ did they laugh/ even though he told me he

couldn't bare to fuck her unless he was drunk/ did

he still pick up the bits & pieces of people from

under trains/ or leftovers from motorbike accidents/

the bloodied thighs & thighless women & eyeless

torsos/ did he fondle the falling away breasts of

bloated corpses dragged from rivers with concrete


was my mother's body the autopsy or the

imitation pornography from his blue movie/ & was

his penis the .38 automatic or the black baton that

he used to strike out with/ was their martial bed

like the cold river bottom churning with unfound

death/ how do detectives make love/ did he talk code

into her soft earlobe or whisper sweet double talk

into her lips/ did he tape record her nocturnal

sighs & her vulnerable words/ taking them down into

his notepad heart to be withheld/ & used in a court

of law as evidence against her/ did he keep her

writhing loss of self under strict surveillance?

could he love her/ opening his blue shirt or plain

clothes up to her/ dropping away his folded arms his

handcuffs & identification badge/ could he forget

the prostitutes drug addicts screaming domestics

battered wives shootouts & suicides/ the women in

prison & the raped & bloodied murdered women/ could

he switch off from them/ like he switched the

bedroom light off/ what did he feel in the dark/

with my mother's warm body beside him/ could he let

himself be seen fully/ by her lovely half opened

sexy eyes/ or by hard courthouse hearings &

underworld gazes/ threatening to remember him

expose & destroy him/ did he go undercover for fear

of being found? …

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