Race Discrimination: Developing and Using a New Legal Framework

Article excerpt

RACE DISCRIMINATION: DEVELOPING AND USING A NEW LEGAL FRAMEWORK. Edited by Gay Moon. Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing, 2000. 180 pages, $35.00 Softcover.

This compilation of papers presented at two seminars sponsored by JUSTICE, an independent legal human rights organization based in the United Kingdom, analyzes current European Union race discrimination legislation and its application to United Kingdom laws.

The contributors discuss particular aspects of the European Union race discrimination legal framework, including Article 13 of the Treaty Establishing the European Union, the Human Rights Act of 1998, and the European Convention on Human Rights. Each chapter provides a careful analysis of a portion of the legislative framework and discusses the proceedings leading up to each resolution. This historical perspective lays out the legislative rationales. The last section of the book provides recommendations for the future of the legal framework for antidiscrimination in the European Union and encourages the interpretation of these various laws in a coherent manner. The conclusion also identifies five conditions for effective legislation; these include ensuring the availability of individual rights and remedies, enforcing criminal sanctions, maintaining access to information and training on these issues, bringing discrimination legislation into the mainstream by including minority representation at every level, and monitoring the effects of legislation enacted to report on actions taken and to identify additional steps. …


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