Recipients of the Eva Judd O'Meara Award

Article excerpt

An annual award for the best review published in NOTES.

2005 Ann Morrison Spinney, review of Writing American Indian Music: Historic Transcriptions, Notations, and Arrangements, edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine, Notes 59 (March 2003): 624-626.

2004 Tamara Levitz, review of Untwisting the Serpent: Modernism in Music, Literature, and Other Arts, by Daniel Albright; and Revealing Masks: Exotic Influences and Ritualized Performance in Modernist Musical Theatre, by W. Anthony Sheppard, Notes 58 (March 2002): 556-560.

2003 Mark Germer, review of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2d ed., edited by Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell, Note 58 (December 2001): 320-325.

2002 Richard Kramer, review of Skizzen by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, vorgelegt von Ulrich Konrad (Neue Ausgabe sämtliche Werke, Ser. X: Supplement; Werkgruppe 30; Srudien, Skizzen, Entwiirfe, Fragmente, Varia, Bd. 3); and Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in ?-flat Major, K. 370-K. 371, by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart: A Facsimile Reconstruction of the Autograph Sources, Notes 57 (September 2000): 188-193.

2001 Philip Brett, review of "Benjamin Britten, The Beggar's Opera, Opus 43, ed. David Matthews; Who Are These Children?; King Arthur: Suite for Orchestra, adapted by Paul Hindmarsh (Music for Orchestra)," Notes 55 (March 1999):735-739.

2000 Andrew Dell'Antonio, review of Deconstructive Variations: Music and Reason in Western Society, by Rose Rosengard Subornick, Note 54 (June 1998): 894-897.

1999 Lynne Rogers, review of Stravinsky and the Russian Traditions: A Biography of the Works through Mama, by Richard Taruskin, Note 54 (December 1997): 438-441.

1998 Sanford Levinson and J. M. Balkin, review of Text and Act: Essays on Music in Performance, by Richard Taruskin, Note 53 (December 1996): 419-23.

1997 John Kmetz, review of Katalog der Musikdrucke des Johannes Petreius in Nürnberg, by Mariko Teramoto and Armin Brinzing, Notes 51 (June 1995): 1291-94.

1996 Stephen Miles, review of Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio, and the Avant-Garde, edited by Douglas Kahn and Gregory Whitehead, Note 51 (September 1994): 65-68.

1995 Malcolm Hamrick Brown, review of The New Shostakovich, by Ian MacDonald, Note 49 (March 1993): 956-61. …


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